Monday, November 9, 2009


ABSURD (1981)........ A.K.A Horrible,Rosso Sangue,Monster Hunter

Dir. Joe D'Amato

synopsis: Priest pursues madman in small town whose blood coagulates very fast,making him very hard to kill

review : Absurd is on the original 74 list of "Video Nasties" list banned in the U.K. in the 1980's. Overall pretty laughable film with some good original kill scenes.Don't expect any real plot or serious character development,but that is not the point of these Italian horror movies.It was pretty entertaining,but not in the way D'Amato intended.It had elements of the original Halloween as well a rather funny scene where the madman is wandering around blinded by a paralyzed girl(don't ask) looking like the Frankenstein monster. Recommended after a few beverages or bones whatever your poison

Skin - none (Bare chested bearded men will NOT be counted for obvious reasons) 0/5
Gore -some good decent gore with a decent body count 3/5
Overall - 4/10

Things I Learned from this movie
- Nothing says American Super Bowl party like Spaghetti
- You should have no problem getting a gun from a cop if you are a priest
-When there is a madman on the loose,it is best to lock annoying little kids outside,and tell him to go get help
-Paralysis is a temporary condition that can be cured by extreme fear
-Paralysis cured by extreme fear leads to insanity.

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